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  • Our workshops are based on two decades of training IT workers in companies such as Cisco, F5 Networks, EMC and more. We utilize the best teaching methodologies and offer a unique hands-on experience. Our classes are small so that every student gets our full attention. Customers often pay us to fly to another country or fly their employees across the ocean to attend our workshops.
    We specialize in Python and Go but offer education in a variety of technical subjects from agile development to writing clear code. Our workshops can be tailored to your needs, both in content and length.

Upcoming Workshops

We currently don't have any scheduled open classes.
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Example Workshops

Data Science Fundamentals with Python

In this hands-on course, learn how to use the Python scientific stack to complete common data science tasks. We’ll covers the tools and concepts you need to effectively process data, including data crunching, visualization, machine learning, image processing, NLP and more.

Python Best Practices

We'll cover the best practices for working in a Python project. Covering topics such as code structure, code style, testing, logging, configuration, source control and more.

Writing Web Services in Go

In this one day workshop we'll develop a REST API server in Go.

We'll cover the language basics, code organization, testing and more.


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