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353Solutions will help your team to become more effective.

If you find yourself in a need to "sharpen" your team, you've come to the right place. Leveraging two decades of teaching developers and working in the trenches - we provide a variety of workshops tailored to your needs that utilize the most effective teaching methods and are based on out extensive experience.

If you need consulting, we bring two decades of delivering robust and boring (e.g. highly maintainable) software to the table. See more in consulting.

We specialize in building Big Data infrastructures that will make your data scientists happy and productive. Wether it's self hosted Hadoop/Impala or cloud based Google Analytics/BigQuery - we will identify the best solution for your your business and build it.

We write mostly Python and Go. But have experience in many technologies and work methodologies. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Our workshops are based on two decades of training IT workers in companies such as Cisco, F5 Networks, EMC and more. We utilize the best teaching methodologies and offer a unique hands-on experience. Out classes are small so that every student gets our full attention. Customers often pay us to fly to another country or fly their employees across the ocean to attend our workshops.

We specialize in Python and Go but offer education in a variety of technical subjects from agile development to writing clear code. Our workshops can be tailored to your needs, both in content and length.

Scheduled Workshops
We currently have no scheduled workshops. Stay tuned - new ones coming soon!.
Email us and we'll notify you once we open new workshops.
Customer Quotes

Your course already paid itself off. … from my team created an “anomaly detection as a service” infrastructure using Docker, Vagrant and Microservices in Python. … Well done Miki, you’re well worth it.

Python & Microservices workshop, F5 Networks

Best workshop I've been in the last 10 years.

Python, Cisco

It was a very successful training for us. I really enjoyed the course and got very positive feedback from other participants. I made already my recommendation to the trainings team.

Scientific Python, RSA/EMC

Attended intermediate Python course by @tebeka this week. It was awesome, valuable, inspiring and fun. Totally recommended.

Python, Cisco

Example Workshops

Data Science with Python

In this two day workshop, we'll go over the tools the Python offers in the realm of scientific computing, machine learning and analytics.

We'll build a complete pipeline of data processing from collection to cleaning to learning and visualization.
Some of the tools we'll cover are: pandas, matplotlib, jupyter (ipython) and scikit-learn.

Python Best Practices

We'll cover the best practices for working in a Python project. Covering topics such as code structure, code style, testing, logging, configuration, source control and more.

Writing Web Services in Go

In this one day workshop we'll develop a REST API server in Go.
We'll cover the language basics, code organization, testing and more.

We have two decades of experience in delivering simple and robust software. And we will use this experience to provide you with the right solution to your problem.

We specialize in creating Big Data systems that meet your business needs. We'll meet your data scientists (or bring our own), and together we will design and build a system that will let your data scientists do ... well, data science. :)

We will design and build a complete solution - from ingesting data, cleaning, versioning to storing in a database(s) that fit your needs (elasticsearch, Impala, BigQuery, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra ...) to monitoring and altering and everything in between. All in constant contact with your data scientists or business analysts.

We believe in using the right tools to solve the right problems and will pick the right ones for you. The tools we excel with are Python, Go and Clojure. However we master a wide variety of other technologies and we'll use the best one to solve your problem.

Contact us to find out how we can work together.

Miki Tebeka
Founder & CEO

Miki Tebeka , , a world Python expert with about two decades of providing simple working solutions.

Miki has a B.Sc. in computer science from Ben Gurion University. Has also studied there toward an M.Sc. in computational linguistics.

Miki had worked in many companies from small startups to big multinational corporations and has written software in many areas from linkers and hardware simulators to news analysis for high frequency traders and handling big data pipelines.

Miki has a passion for teaching and mentoring. He has spent many hours giving workshops on various technical subjects, he also mentored many young developers on their way to success.

Miki also contributed to many open source projects including Python core, Go, Selenium, Apache Avro and many more. He had worked with several of the leading Python developers gaining deep understanding of the language and help improving it as well.

You can find Miki's CV here, and see some of his open source projects on bitbucket.

Miki's blogs on various technical subjects at pythonwise.

Yehuda Lavy
Senior Engineer

Yehuda Lavy , is an engineer with a unique combination of excellent technical skills and large scale project management.

Yehuda has worked many years in small and big companies. He worked in a variety of rolls from software developer to managing very big teams engineers in complex telephony projects.

Yehuda worked in many customer facing projects, he is a problem solver and delivered many multi million dollars projects to customers in various countries around the world successfully. He was also led the definition and implementation of development life cycle used by about a thousand engineers.

After years of project management, Yehuda decided to go back to where the fun is and do more technical roles. However his years in large scale systems did not go to waste and he uses his knowledge to design, code and deliver robust systems that meets the customer business needs and scale easily.

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